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Valvestino Valley

The Valle di Vestino is formed by the River Toscolano’s upper basin. It is under the dominion of Austria. A curious thing about it is that when the weather is bad or in the case of urgency, the Post courier and the administrative or judicial authorities of Condino reach it by passing into Italy since this is the easiest way. Valle di Vestino is reached from the lake by following the river Toscolano upstream, a very rough mule track runs alongside the river. This track starts in Gaino and descends to the river about half a kilometre past the last paper mills, with which it is linked only by way of Gaino. The route runs mainly through a narrow, winding valley and there are no nice views. There is a station of the Guardia di Finanza on the border, a very isolated place.

A good track to the Casello di Finanza is the one from Gaino up to the Mezzane pass, then down to Navazzo, passing west of Mt Avertil and coming out at Col Dursina (701m) then down into Valle di Magno. At Ponte della Colla, it joins the track that goes upstream along the Toscolano. There are several villages in the valley; they are located on high ground on the sides of the surrounding mountains, not in the middle where the slopes are too steep (Magasa, Cadria, Turano, Moerna, Persone e Armo). From Persone or Magasa you can descend to Lake d’Idro in three or four hours.

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